Thank you for visiting our website. We are a small hobbyist breeder of African Fat Tail Geckos, Leopard Geckos & Western Hogs. Our collection consists of bloodlines from some of the best breeders in the world. We are dedicated to providing quality care and excellent customer service. All of our reptiles are Captive Born and Bred (CBB) and go through a strict QT process before being added into our collection. We also have the best exotics vet in the country Dr. Scott Stahl providing care to our animals in the event it is needed.

We offer discounted shipping to anywhere in the USA via FedEx Priority Overnight service.  We guarantee Live Arrival and 100% healthy animals. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information. You can also check out our Customer Testimonial page to read what previous customers have said about us. If you would like to purchase an animal or have a question, please contact us via e-mail. All e-mails are answered very quickly.

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that he got here safe, and that he looks GREAT. I rarely expect anything to show up looking as good as I'd LIKE it to... (generally my expectations are a bit too high)... but in this case... I must say, I was impressed. Thank you guys very much for such an outstanding animal. Hope to do business again with you guys in the near future."

"Jessica and Brandon, It will be two weeks tomorrow since I received the little female hognose, and today she ate the fifth mouse since being in my care! I can't even express in words how happy she has made me. She is beautiful and has a wonderful reddish color. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful animal!!! Thank you so much!!!"

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1-6-16:  I produced another female Striped Patternless 100% Double het Ghost x Oreo today :)  This should make for an exciting project next season.

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Find our latest News & Information about our current Breeding Season including hatchling photos & more. Many of the animals listed on this page will be available for sale.
Working with Albinos, Caramels, Caramel Zulus, Ghosts, Oreos, Patternless, Patternless White Outs, White Outs, White Out Ghosts, White Out Zulus, Zulus and more!
Working with Bell Albinos, Bold Bandits, Hyper Xanthics, Mack Snow Hyper Xanthics, Lavenders, Mack Snows, Stripes, Tangerines, Tremper Albinos and more.
Working with Albinos, Anacondas, Axanthics, Pink Pastels, Purple Line Red Extreme Albinos, Snows, Toffee Bellies and more including Anacondas of many of the morphs listed above.


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Introducing the worlds first "Purple Haze" Ghost Oreo Patternless African Fat Tail Gecko! We were the worlds first to produce this gecko in 2016! It displays an amazing purple and lavender color that is just stunning to behold. We were fortunate enough to produce both the Striped and non-Striped version.


Introducing the worlds first White Out Snow Zulu or the White Out Caramel Oreo Zulu African Fat Tail Gecko! We were lucky enough to hit the odds and produce this amazing gecko in 2017.


Introducing the world's first White Out Ghost Patternless African Fat Tail gecko! We were fortunate enough to be the first breeder to produce this amazing gecko and it was our goal this season to do so. We dedicated a lot of time and resources and I can honestly say I am thrilled with the results :) More information to come soon.


Introducing our first Striped White Out Oreo Patternless and White Out Oreo Patternless Fat Tails. We were the first breeder in the world to produce the Striped version of this morph. Very few of these amazing geckos have been produced and it's taken us three seasons to produce our first. We took our White Out Double het Oreo x Patternless male and bred him to a bunch of our Double het Oreo x Patternless females and were lucky enough to produce a couple of these amazing morphs this season. This photo is after a few sheds and their colors range from a translucent Purple/Lavender White ish color when fired up to a Purple/Lavender Grey color when not. Very unique in person.



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